Our Philosophy

Act in a free environment to make decisions, a culture of trust and mutual respect, providing training and work in innovative business systems

Value Proposal

  • SETEC technical seminars
  • SETEC Engineering
  • Cribtec Supply assurance


Build productivity through high technology products, technical training and application engineering.

Quality policy

We have the commitment of being a trustable supplier, with long term relationships, providing products of leader companies and quality services, continuously improving our procedures, always with our customer needs in our mind.


  • I do the right thing
  • I do things right
  • Customer is King
  • I deliver results
  • I want to be better

Success stories



Kyocera SGS

Social Responsibility

BLOCAO Teens Association
We have an association with the purpose of being an effective and assertive link between mid and high public school, with high standard professionals, managers, directors and business men. Thanks to this approach, students obtain from professional with moral quality, their personal experiences and success stories as a testimony of the impact in the economic and social benefit of their environment.