In the new Industry Development Forum 4.0 in Mexico, a joint venture between Herramental and AddUp, launches an innovative 3D Additive Manufacturing technology in Metal, applied in industrial areas focused in metallic production. Discover this new manufacturing technology with success stories tested in mold components development and production for Michelin Company.

Finding for new forms of manufacturing, process improvement, optimization of parts, design modifications, weight reduction in products and time reduction in new products development, Additive Manufacturing has proved to be an interesting solution in diverse markets such as Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Modeling, Prototypes, Architecture, etc. This is how in 2016 the AddUp company was born, being a joint venture between the MICHELIN group and FIVES (50% owned by Michelin and 50% owned by Fives).

Currently, Michelin has more of 30 machines, manufacturing serially pieces for their injection molds of Cross Climate and Premier Technologies; achieving in this way replacing traditional system for a new one that allows complex pieces production or practically impossible geometries to do with the traditional.

Basics of 3D Additive Manufacturing

Es importante que como primer paso busque la asesoría sobre la As a first step, is very important seek advice about 3D Additive Manufacturing in Metal, in order to define the scope within your manufacturing processes and define in which part of your process and which pieces you can generate value with this technology.

Next step is looking for the best option of material to use and the right design with the smallest possible connections or supports (always with the manufacturer supervision). We recommend create the first piece with the manufacturer in order to evaluate physical and mechanical properties of the printed piece.

Once get technology defined to get the added value for your process, you can consider the purchase of the first equipment, assuring have all technical requirements for good installation of this technology, and is important to know you must to handle metallurgical dust, which has a special manipulation.



Created from the know-how of Fives and Michelin, AddUp propose a range of automated machines and factories with a unique HSE, mobile and flexible protection using the Metal Additive 3D manufacturing. This product offering is accompanied by a wide catalogue of operational services and support.

Additive Metal Addup Manufacturing Machines Technology (LBM).
FormUp ™ Machinery

The catalogue of FormUp ™ machinery for direct metal fusion with laser offers reliability and productivity.

Reliable and Strong

AddUp machinery produce 24/7, with OEE (General Efficency Equipment) reaching highest standards of the industrial companies.

Incomparable powder tolerance

All different sizes of powder available in the market can be used (From 10 to 15 um), with specifications that are less restrictive from the rest, particular for morphology and sphericity, in order to ensure that operating costs remain under control.

Control and domain of production process in additive manufacturing

Michelin's experience in industrial production and the use of the quality planning process "PMPM" (Powder, Machine, Part, Method), in which all the parameters are completely controlled, certify all the pieces produced are of high quality and guarantee repeatability under the quality conditions required for all types of certification.

Precision and quality of produced pieces

Surface quality, material integrity and stress internal levels peerless.

Posibility of surface manufacturing with very low angles in relation to the horizontal


AddUp FormUp 350

El FormUp ™ 350, que utiliza la tecnología de fusión de múltiples láseres de metal directo, es una máquina de fabricación de aditivos industriales para producir piezas individuales, ya sea para producción regular o como prototipos.

  • Reliable and Strong
  • Precision and quality of produced pieces
  • Optimization in production conditions
  • Open machine, software and numeric command
  • Production traceability
  • Modular and scalable

Compatible materials

For design, FormUp ™ machinery are compatibles with all kind of material.

Recipes and adjustments are already available for the following materials:

  • Stainless steels - 316L (1.4404)
  • Maraging steels - 18Ni300 (1.2709)
  • Nickel alloys - Inconel ™ 718 and 625
  • Titanium alloys - Ti6A4V
  • Aluminum alloys - AlSi10Mg

If your material is not on the list, please contact us in order to evaluate adjustments calendar and machine trials.


  • Aeronautical and spacial
  • Automotor
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Jewelry
  • University/ I+D Centers
  • Sports
  • Tools/Moulding

Among others.

More information:

01 800 699 9999