Halter CNC Automation has developed HALTER Load Assistant, based in more than 25 years of experience in metal mechanical industry. Nobody understand the problems of the company deal with, as we do. Customers are always expecting shorter delivery schedules, margins under pressure and an increase of lack of qualify operators. Besides, the expensive CNC machines have a considerable number of hours of spindle without use.

Herramental and Halter CNC Automation mission, is to help all the companies to be immediately more rentable, even in production of of batches of 10 to 1000 pieces of work, by providing automatic loading and unloading systems, in an accessible and easily programmable manner.

That´s why we work continuously in the adoption of technologies that help our clients in the development of their production. We work with specialists teams and join talent with highly qualified suppliers. This let our clients to trust in our proposal of new technologies in high technology automation, strong and reliable.

1. HALTER Load Assistant increases the output production, machine efficiency and profits:

Additional mechanized hours in a lower price, gives immediately the result in more production and more effectiveness cost.

An operator can operate more than one machine at the same time, improving the utility rate in the operation area.

Automation reduces handwork costs, since average handwork costs are 5 to 8 times higher than the average cost of depreciation per hour of the robot.

2. Get more benefit from your qualified operators

Operators are qualified to configure and program CNC machinery. But most of the time they do repetitive and boring tasks.

HALTER Load Assistant takes that job, allowing your qualified operators be focused in work set out, testing, machines configuration and creation of CNC programs. Giving as result, more efficient operators and more attractive job.

3. No robots specialists needed

HALTER Load Assistant can be configured and operated in a very easy way by any employee.

Robotics training is not required thanks to the HALTER Smart Control system combined with the well thought-out loading and unloading solution.

4. Increase flexibility, due can be used with different CNC machines

HALTER Load Assistant can be easily moved with a wheelbarrow and can be connected to another CNC machine.

By investing in a loading and unloading robot you can automate several machines, which allows you to respond to the demand of your customers in a more flexible way.

You can use as well HALTER Universal with a CNC Lathe and with CNC machinery center.

Why choose HALTER LoadAssistant

  • With HALTER Smart Control: No experience in robotics is required
  • Minimum time of preparation, therefore, also very suitable for small lot sizes
  • Robot continues to work while a new work piece is configured
  • Our design is based on 25 years of experience in the metalworking industry and production automation
  • Minimal use of space on the floor, including security zone
  • One HALTER Load Assistant for several CNC machines
  • Your CNC machine remains fully accessible
    Compact all-in-one design; no additional components, fences or cables are needed
  • Provides to operators the highest level of security
  • The best possible service by certified technicians

Important services for our clients

  • Short time delivery from Germany production headquarters.
  • Delivery, installation and training key in hand
  • Superior service provide for qualified technicians by HALTER
  • Favorable financing conditions due to the short period of recovery

HALTER Load Assistant is simple, totally configured, ready for use and can be connected to any CNC machine new or existent.

Companies that invest in HALTER Load Assistant , can assure an immediate increase in their profit margins and in the flexibility of their production, even when they produce small and medium-sized lots.

If you would like to know more about this and other new technologies for the industry, Herramental recommends the best choice for machinery in your process. Besides, Herramental have a technical service department to solve all your questions quickly and have an engineering team to support you in the best solution to your application.

In Conclusion - Increase your profits immediately with the correct automation!

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