In Herramental we have recently added two new brands to our product portfolio: AddUp, a French company that designs and produces 3D printing machines in Metal, and Halter Automation, a Dutch company with practical and accessible solutions in the areas of automation and robotics for machinery workshops

AddUp is a French company dedicated to manufacturing technology and machines for 3D printing in metal.

The quality of the parts manufactured with our technology is the same as if you use other technologies.

Making parts for the automotive industry with this technology will be very fast. You can make millions of parts at low costs.

In addition, this technology will give you the possibility to make parts with different functionalities, two, three, 20 or 100 at the same time. The work that would take days with different technologies could be done with one single technology. We will be faster and cheaper.



Halter is a Dutch company focused on automation and robotics, mainly for small and medium-sized companies that have their machining centers and need this technology to be at the forefront in the field of robots, capable of working from one machine to another .

The robot helps to release the operator from repetitive tasks, so that he can, in turn, devote his time to more productive things.

It's not about replacing people, it's about giving them tools to grow. The robot also provides a lot of information and various data that can help you optimize your business processes. It yields data of when a service is needed, sends messages when the robots have finished a task, and many other things.